Indonesian impunity in West Papua. How the killers of a 12 year old girl are treated like heroes by the state.

Posted on 2014/05/09


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Arlince’s story 

It’s the 1st of July, 2013

Arlince Tabuni, a 12 year old Melanesian West Papuan girl, daughter of a pastor is enjoying life in her village highlands village of Popume.
Suddenly, at 17:30, four fully armed Indonesian soldiers drive into the village with loaded guns.
They briefly interrogate a member of her family and then demand he leaves the scene.
They then proceed towards Arlince’s house.

Seeing the soldiers, Arlince tries to run away.

The military fire 3 shots, she is hit in the neck and chest and dies.

In response to protests by the local community and outrage by Papuans across West Papua, the military at first denies the shooting and then claims they opened fire due to a sense of “excess frustration, and panic”.

This sufficiently  satisfies the Indonesian government who give full impunity to the soldiers who fired the shots. They hold no investigation and say nothing…

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