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Posted on 2013/11/26


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This video is called Rise of Nazi attacks on migrants and refugees in Greece.

By Lina Giannarou in Greece:

Refugee Centre in Lavrio on the brink of collapse


The lack of Administrative Committee jeopardizes the asylum-seekers’ unit in Lavrio

Meat has not been available for months. Bread has not been available for approximately 15 days. It is a month since any hygiene-related supplies arrived. Recently, medication, too, has been cut off. During the last few months, all the suppliers have interrupted their co-operation with the Refugee Centre in Lavrio. The only one that has not, in spite of being unpaid too, is a grocery store owner. His vegetables and fruits constitutes the aenaimic help received today by 230 Afghan and Kurdish refugees (mostly from Syria), including 75 children that live there.

The Refugee Centre in Lavrio was instituted in 1949 and is an open facility operated…

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