Reading Nietzsche: Anti-Nietzsche, and Reconciliation With Marx

Posted on 2013/10/18


Coming Soon: A Vast Desert

Malcolm Bull has written a book called Anti-Nietzsche, in which, as one reviewer put it, “he encourages us to read Nietzsche’s texts through a process of consciously dis-identifying with its dominant perspective and, rather than simply reproducing the relations of dominance it posits, enter into a critical engagement against the grain of the work.” Bull encourages us to read Nietzsche “like a loser”—that is, read the work and identify not with the protagonist (Zarathustra, the Dionysian, the artist, the strong, etc.) but rather with the “herd,” and then question whether the philosophy has anything to offer if you’re standing accross from the author instead of alongside him. It’s an interesting experiment, and I will try it out in my future readings.

One less-than-positive comment on Bull’s work has been the timing: Why write a critique of Nietzsche now? (To which I might answer: When is it a bad time to write…

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