Isaac Asimov on population

Posted on 2013/09/26


Damn the Matrix

Another guest post by Matt Moran
Isaac Asimov was very concerned with the population crises facing mankind, and he wrote several essays on the subject. He was under no illusion as to where it would all end. It would end catastrophically, if population growth was not stopped at a level at which the Earth could support us. He said

‘What a pity, then, that it is all illusion (i.e., the good average life style that a North American leads) and that I cannot blind myself to the truth. My island of comfort is but a quiet bubble in a torrent that is heaving its way downhill to utter catastrophe. I see nothing to stand in its way and can only watch in helpless horror. The matter can be expressed in a single word: Population.’

Asimov was a master at explaining why population growth would lead to a catastrophe, and why…

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