Video and a Brief Explainer from the Mexico City Uprising

Posted on 2013/09/23



Correction: The text says Flores Magon’s newspaper was Metamorphis. Actually, it was Regeneración. Sorry about that. You can read the Regeneración newsletter here in Spanish or English. See a photo of one of the newsletter’s layouts, down below.

Mexico City

For a couple of weeks now, mass mobilizations have been taking place in Mexico City against the privatization of education and energy. The Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación–National Commission of Education Workers (CNTE) were joined by a large anarchist contingent and several clashes with police took place. In the next couple of days, a video was sent to Bay Area Intifada, but we didn’t want to post riots without context.

A comrade living in Mexico City–who we’ll call “Mateo” due to requested anonymity–gave us a quick rundown of what’s going on, from where he’s standing. For a larger picture of the historical context leading up…

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