Palestine | No Water, No Sewerage

Posted on 2013/09/01


Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

“Access to safe water is a fundamental human need & therefore a basic human right.” ~Kofi Annan Information portal about the Human Rights to Water & Sanitation

Gaza | Continuously without water, without sewage, even by force because Israel opens a dam.

Everything is being done, to make life in Gaza impossible. Gaza remains Worlds Largest open Air prison, an israel an an occupier, even neglects rights of the “concentrationcamp”-people they are lawfully to respect, as per International and Humanitairian laws is obligated to even as an occupying force.

As a “Disengaged Occupier” (Report from GISHA), Israel uses deprivation of water as a mean of ethnic cleansing. Access to water, restricting or making the quality causing water borne diseases are to be called deliberate and common policy rather than obeying to at least minimal standards of humanitarian or morals. Even causing deaths, which can be classified as “

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